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We attempt to expand and promote our city in terms of tourism. In addition to, we offer information towards all over the world.

As for residents, we planning a town for community development also try to human resource creation who can deal flexibly. 


Hida Tourism Accotiation


1st April 2007

(1st April 2013

It became a general incorporated association)


Takayoshi Ikeda

【number of members】

481 (as of 2016)



8-17 Tonomachi Furukawa Gifu Japan


Tel: 0577-74-1192
Fax: 0577-73-0099


  1. To disseminate tourism principle and  receiving a guests with hospitality.

  2. To preserve and develop tourism resources.

  3. To manage facilities which entrusted from city.

  4. To held events, aegis and support.

  5. To advertise about tourism and improve.

  6. To develop specialty and promote.

  7. To offer tourism information.

  8. To publish publications.

  9. To clean and improve environment.

  10. To research in tourism and collect information. 

  11. To cooperate with authorities and associations.

  12. To reserve money for conducting projects.

  13. To conduct other purpose.

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